Singapore Machinery Co Pte Ltd

Name of Company:  Singapore Machinery Co Pte Ltd

Address:   27 New Industrial Road, #02-05 Novelty Techpoint, Singapore 536212

Tel:                                                     +65 6284 1050

Fax:                                                     +65 6284 0321



Name of Representative:              Richard C S Fung / David Fung

Profile / Activities:

Singapore Machinery Co. Pte. Ltd. Is one of the leading pioneers in providing the latest and most innovative solutions to the garment and upholstery manufacturing industries internationally since 1977.


Our signature product, the SmartMRT, has been named among one of the best-selling and most efficient unit production hanger systems in the world.  We also sell only the highest quality manufacturing equipment from other established brands such as Optitex, Hashima, FK Group, Kawakami, Yamato etc., including products like needle detectors, fusing press, heat transfer press, sewing machines, folding machines, automatic spreading machines and more.


We help clients to yield profitable investments by improving productivity and efficiency, enhancing workplace ergonomics and building long-lasting harmonious business relationships.