DAP Sewing Technology Singapore Pte. Ltd.


Name of Company:   DAP Sewing Technology Singapore Pte. Ltd.

Address:       Blk 431 Clementi Ave 3, #01-328, Singapore 120431

Tel:                                                     +65 6776 3253

Fax:                                                     +65 6775 5013

Email:                                                 ong@sewing.sg

Website:                                            www.pfaff-industrial.com

Name of Representative:              Mr Ong Chan Hoe

Profile / Activities:

Excellent product know-how and continuous innovation that is what the PFAFF (Industrial) trademark has been known for in Kaiserslautern since 1862. From the development of the first sewing machine with thread-trimmer to the high-tech button sewing machine, the story of PFAFF’s world innovations was always a recurring theme. As an innovation leader, PFAF F Industrial produces exclusive high-end machines for the apparel, shoe, living and car upholstery industries as well as for the technical textiles sector. The most modern sewing and welding solutions with flexible procedure design are developed and manufactured as customer-oriented solutions -Made in Germany.


In the sewing range, the product portfolio encompasses high-speed sewing machines, standard and specialized machines, automatic stitching units and sewing-mechanization equipment. For more than 50 years, PFAFF Industrial has been the innovation leader in welding technology, which is a bonding process without a needle and thread, and possesses a comprehensive product range for this bonding technology with hot-air, hot wedge and ultrasound welding machines. Ultrasound welding, especially, is an effective alternative to sewing. New application areas for this technology are continuously opening up, particularly in the apparel industry. Already entire pieces of clothing are being welded in the case of functional clothing, outdoor clothing, undergarments and bras.


As an owner-managed company with a new production plant in Germany (opened in summer 2009) and agile service distribution, PFAFF therefore has good reason to look optimistically towards the future and to continue writing “sewing history”.