Hong Lin Sewing Machine Pte Ltd


Name of Company:   Hong Lin Sewing Machine Pte Ltd

Address:   15A Tannery Road  Singapore 347725

Tel:                                                     +65 6748 2033

Fax:                                                     +65 6748 1030

Email:                                                 joceong@honglin.sg

Website:                                            www.tarmah.com.my

Name of Representative:              Joce Ong

Profile / Activities:

HONG LIN Sewing Machine Pte Ltd is a leading worldwide supplier of high quality sewing machine & spare part for the apparel and non-apparel industries.  We have long been recognized as an innovative leader in the industry since 70’s with continuous advancement in customer service, competitive pricing, product quality, technical support, advisory & solution and turnkey project for high sewing technology production plant.

We are committed to provide excellent service and top quality products to our customers, and distribution networks are expanded continuously to cover most of the major garment production locations.

We work closely together with our customers and supplier as a partner, in order to surpass the demanding requirements of the present day market.