G.O.T.C (S) Pte Ltd


Name of Company:  G.O.T.C (S) Pte Ltd

Address:    605A Macpherson Road . #04-01 Citimac Industrial Complex  Singapore 368240

Tel:                                                     +65 6744 3447

Fax:                                                     +65 6285 7166

Email:                                                 gotcsin@yahoo.com.sg

Website:                                            www.gotcsin.com

Name of Representative:              Mr. Ngoi Kwan Kiew

Profile / Activities:

WebTex3D is an Online Designing and Marketing Solution that is brought to us by South Korea.  The Quick & Accurate Order Process not only cater to textile and Fashion but also includes Interiors, Curtain, Bed and so much more than what we can imagine.

In today’s competitive Global Village, WebTex3D is where the Textile & Fashion industry are heading into as various information for all kinds of different products can be obtained through Online to Long Distance Buyers in Real-Time, check out on the varies combination and find a whole new world of Textile and Fashion Industry. http: www.gotcsin.com